Award Winning Author

John Igo

In 1985, Igo received an Emmy for his script, “Our Children: the Next Generation.” In the 1960s he won two Translation Awards (German/Spanish) from Poet Lore International. In 1974 he received the Speech Arts Association’s First Distinguished Medal. In the 1980s he received the Grothaus medallion for Distinguished Service to area libraries (the only non-librarian ever to receive it). In 1997 he was named Deputy Director General of the International Biographical Centre (Cambridge, England). A native of San Antonio and a graduate of Trinity University, he has taught at Trinity, St. Mary’s Hall, San Antonio College, and the University of the Incarnate Word. He received the Piper Professor of the Year Award in 1991 and the NISOD Teaching Excellence Award, International Convention, in 1992.  

Mr. Igo has been a mentor to generations of San Antonio area poets, and he has also taught poetry to the totally deaf adult in a privately-funded project.

As the years passed by and his arthritic hands caused him too much pain to write, John was determined to find a way to bring his stories to publication. After a variety of writing experiments, where many different pens had failed, his personal research led him to an Ergonomically designed pen. Since 2008, John writes a minimum of five pages a day. When he finishes writing, he has an assistant type them up so he can edit his work. Despite severe arthritis and poor vision, John Igo has published more than five books since 2008, and he continues to write plays and often corresponds daily to his fans, former students, and writes on local civic matters.  


The Watercress Press  (1968, 2015)

Wings Press   (10/01/2015)


Richard Montemayor writes about John Igo for the Alamo College's Ranger paper. More. at:

About John Igo: John Igo is a San Antonio educator, writer, artist, photographer, producer, and critic. In 2007, the San Antonio Public Library system named a branch library in his honor. Igo has published twelve books of poetry, including The Third Temptation of St. John (National Society of Arts and Letters National Award), God of Gardens (Southwest Writers Conference Publication Award), Alien (Poetry Society Foundation), Bozzetti (Plain View Press) and The Mitotes of John Igo (National Poetry Foundation). In addition, he has authored several books of prose—including On Poetry and Poetics (Argo Press)—and several plays. The producer of numerous plays, he is the founding producer/director of Renegade Theater and was the volunteer Project Manager of the Theater Archive, San Antonio Public Library, a Friends project. Igo has served as a drama critic for several San Antonio publications and was for several years a well-known broadcast personality.

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